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The only Organic Certified -  FODMAP Certified -

Fresh Nut Milks made in Australia.


Our Nut Milks are:


Cold Pressed

7 shelf life


High % of Nuts

FODMAP Friendly

Most of all Delicious



The Nutty Milk Company is proud to produce Activated Fresh Nut Milks. Our range includes:

* Certified Biodynamic Almond Milk

* Certified Organic Almond and Date Milk

* Certified Organic Cashew Milk

* Certified Organic Macadamia Milk

* Organic Hemp Milk

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We're all about maximising nourishment from the foods we eat and and drink.  So we activate the nuts in our products. Activating (soaking) nuts breaks down enzyme inhibitors, increases absorption of nutrients and is gentler on your digestive system.  That’s why our products are Certified FODMAP Friendly.


We choose to Cold Press our Nut Milks to maintain the integrity of the Biodynamic/Organic farming methods used to grow the trees nuts we use.  The high temperatures used in pasturisation destroy various phytonutrients, enzymes, probiotics and vitamins.  Awareness around gut bacteria and good health is growing, feeding our microbiome is super important.  

We wanted our Nut Milks to be:

The best you can buy

Really good for you, not fake good


Taste Delicious

We started to make Nut Milks because we could not find anything to buy that was like what we made at home.  

Good Vibes and Happiness

The Nutty Milk Makers

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