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The Nutty Milk Company is all about Biodynamic/Organic, Fresh, Nut Milks. 

We believe in producing Organic Nut Milks using the finest quality organic nuts available. Our suppliers are passionate about Biodynamic/Organic farming. The nuts we use are raw. They are not heated treated in anyway (unpasturised), allowing them to retain their vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.


Our Biodynamic Almonds and Biodynamic Macadamias are Aussie grown. Our Cashews are grown in Vietnam. We would love to be using Aussie cashews, unfortunately no one farms them in OZ. 

Our nuts are soaked to activate them, then they are cold pressed to extract their goodness. Bottled then delivered to our stockists as quick as possible. So they reach you FRESH and DELICIOUS.


We love what we do and hope you enjoy our Nut Milks. 

Good Vibes and Happiness.

The Snowball Clan

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