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Activated Biodynamic Almond Milk

Delicious and Creamy Fresh Almond Milk.  Just like you make at home, which we agree is the best.  But it's always good to have a bottle of this in the fridge so you never run out halfway through a recipe.

Activated Organic Macadamia Milk

If you love Macadamias then this milk is for you.  Made with amazing Austrlalian Macadamias.  Its the lingering taste left on your tongue that fills your mouth with the delicious smooth macadamia nut flavour.

Activated Organic Almond & Date Milk

Delicious and Creamy with the added sweetness of Organic Medjool Dates.  If you are trying to find an alternative to dairy this would be our recommendation.  At all our taste testings this has been super popular.  The added sweetness makes it easier to swap for dairy milk.

Activated Organic Macadamia Milk

Smooth, Creamy cashew milk.  A favorite with hot chocolates.  However can be used as per all other plant based milks with the bonus of being great in curries and baking.

Activated Organic Macadamia Milk

The new kid on the block.  We first tasted hemp milk in LA and instantly fell in love the creamy texture.  No you can't get high from drinking this.  The seeds are from a different species of plant.

Full of health benefits plus it is such a sustainable plant to grow.  Requiring very little water, all parts of the plant can be used in manufacturing.  From food to building materials, clothing, body and face products and paper.  It also consumes 7  x more CO2 per hectare than trees.

This is so good with Chai.  Would have to be a fav in smoothies too.

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